We at Inova Tech we as well provide assistance in schools projects i.e Campus/Colleges projects.

We help in developing IT projects in that we come in and assist in building and developing these systems for you.

We code and deliver the system based on the requirement needed from the client {Students}

we have a team of well trained developers whom provide the assistance needed


: KINDLY NOTE::-The provided system are not for sale to the market we only provide the developed programs for educational purposes only.

The system developed by INOVA TECHS are only sold to students, We remain entitled to the developed programs in that’s they should not be sold by the student to any other parties without INOVA TECHS conscious.

Systems sold illegally to additional parties will lead to serious consequences taken by INOVA TECHS.

Use the above section to explain what’s needed  in terms of the type of project, deadlines[Dates to be completed].